replacement and custom hammers


CMS meets your needs for hammers with a wide variety of shapes, widths, and hole sizes.

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CMS manufactures our own hammers. We machine drill each hole and then deburr both sides to assure a satin finish. Drilling is far superior to a stamped (punched) hole, as a stamped hole tends to make a hammer swing off center and cause premature rod wear.

drilling hammers

hammer installation instructions



hammers with special alloy steel

They are case hardened to OEM specifications. Each hammer is individually weighed and most sets are sold evenly weighted. When necessary, we rod balance the hammers within one-tenth of an ounce. The hammers are color coded for each rod and installation instructions are included with each set. Hammers are made out of Special Alloy Steel. These same alloys are used by the largest agricultural manufacturers for plow points and disc harrows.

There are many options when it comes to hard facing and sometimes more is not always better. We can inspect your current hammers and evaluate what type of hard facing pattern would be more beneficial to your production process. We can design and build cluster and bushing hammer sets to decrease downtime and increase efficiency when changing hammer sets.