Consolidated Mill Supplies

Rods, Spacers and Lock Collars

Rods, Spacers, & Lock Collars are available for most make and model hammermills.

hammermill rods
rods for hammermills
Whatever your requirements, CMS has rods/pins on hand for immediate shipment. We offer rods/pins in any length, diameter, and configuration. All rods/pins must pass the Rockwell hardness test before shipment.


lock collars for hammermills
replacement lock collars

All CMS spacers have a polished finish for safe, clean handling and precise fit. Sizes range from 1/2 inch ID to 1-1/4 inch ID are available in any width. Single-split and double-split lock collars are in stock.


Jacobson lock bolts and straps used in P series machines such as the P-160,
P-240, P-241, P-360, P-361, P-480 and others are in stock for immediate shipment.


steel rods
alloy steel rods
CMS uses OEM specified Alloy Steel . Rods are heat-treated to industry standards to ensure longer life.

Common Rod Types